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2001. It's a long story! In 1982 the BBC produced an Italian language series called "Buongiorno Italia!" on television. We watched and recorded the series (we've still got it) and bought the book. It was recorded in Stresa (amongst other places) and the place looked so stunning that we vowed to go there. Nineteen years later we were not disappointed! Lake Maggiore is fabulous. The Islands are brilliant. The trip into Switzerland is fantastic. All in all - not bad! In the original series there was a lady who stuck out more than the others, the first photo is taken from the book issued with the original series (I know it's copyright but I'm giving them a plug!) and the second photo is the same lady in 2001. Apparently she still got visitors from all over the World (the series was multi-lingual) who, like us, go to Stresa because of the series (well done, the BBC!) Italy has style and Stresa has style in spades! This is a once in a life time experience which we intend to repeat (that will make it a twice in a life team experience!). You will not be sorry if you go.

Liliana Borroni in 1982Liliana Borroni in 2001
Liliana Borroni 1982 and 2001

The view from the Hotel
View from the Hotel

La Scala, Milan (if you don't know what this is then don't talk to Edna)Leonardo da Vinci, Milan
La Scala and Leonardo da Vinci, Milan

Roof Terrace of the Hotel AstoriaHotel Astoria
Roof Terrace of the Hotel Astoria and the Hotel Astoria

Isola Bella
Isola Bella

And there were free concerts!

Perhaps not your cup of tea but we loved them!

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