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2018 Barcelona & the Western Med.

Being relatively close to Barcelona (a must visit for any cruise to Eastern Spain) Tarragona is not a first choice stop. It should be! Steeped in history and most attractive I'm now a fan (this was our first visit). Quite a long run in on the shuttle bus (someone said 5 miles) past some interesting ruins (Roman). Got off the bus and saw the road train, that's for us! 6 euros each.

Road train on Rambla Nova

It was actually very chilly on the journey but we struggled on. Went through the historic centre and had a good look round including Rambla Nova, smaller and quieter than it's Barcelona equivalent (and with more seats, see above photo) but it was Thursday and market day, very bustly. At the end of Rambla Nova is the Mediterranean Balcony overlooking the beach and sea, nice. There is a monument to Roger de Lluria, an Italian born Admiral.

Roger de Lluria (1245-1305)

When the train dropped us off I had a wander down to the very impressive Roman Amphitheatre.

Roman Amphitheatre - second one taken from near the Mediterranean Balcony

Back to the ship for lunch and I then left Edna by the pool (it had warmed up a bit by then) and went in again for a walk around the Old City and the Rambla Nova. Plenty of uphill walking but I knew from the morning's trip that it was worth it. Very impressive Cathedral

Cathedral Entrance

and rather a nice spot I'd noticed in the morning, can tell you no more.

One other statue that I took a photo of, didn't know what it was all about.

It is what it looks like, a Human Tower! All to do with the Festival of Saint Thecla. Have read about it on Wikipedia but still am none the wiser as to why!

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