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2015 Saga Sapphire Gallipoli Cruise

We went on an organised trip today, to the Salonika Front, because Edna's dad "fought" there in the First World War. I use the inverted commas because, what could a teenage Private do other than hide from the shells and charge when told to? I like to think that Private Albert Killick of the Royal Berkshires didn't kill any of the enemy as (Thank God) they didn't kill him. I've only just realised that the first photo (we were held up by a flock of sheep) could be a pictorial metaphor for the lads who fought there!

We visited Graveyards of the British fallen and saw many Royal Berks' dead. Were they friends of Albert? Did he see them, his mates, die? Seeing this brought home to me, more than anything else, the absolute hell that these boys must have been in. A trip not to have been missed.

We also did a tour of modern day Thessaloniki but this pales into insignificance.

Lambs to the slaughter? and Private Albert Killick stood here?

The British Cemetery. We shall remember them!

British Memorial. God bless them all.




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