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2014 Saga Pearl II

Varna Cathedral

The shuttle bus dropped us outside the Cathedral so we went inside. Excellent. Walls and ceilings covered with paintings, most impressive. As with many stops on this cruise there was a lot of work being carried out in the City and, as at other stops, we found ourselves saying "It'll be nice when it's finished". Changed some money (we like to spend a few bob in each place) and were asked for our passports! Had been told on board that we wouldn't need them and, as we were only changing a relatively small amount, the Bank changed it. If they hadn't then the Bulgarian economy would have missed out on our input! Started to rain so we went back to the ship for lunch but, from the coach, we had seen some rather nice fountains quite near the Cathedral so went back in as the rain didn't come to much. There were palm trees by the fountains and the contrast made an extremely attractive sight. Varna, nice place.

Tsar Kaloyan (Kaloyan the Greekslayer or Romanslayer - nice!)


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