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1973. Unmarried at the time (in between marriages) I went to Alassio in Northern Italy with mate Jim Rush. Thirty odd years on (now forty odd) I think "Why Alassio?". Who's heard of Alassio? (that's not a serious question but, today, it's not exactly at the top of everyone's holiday list). Actually, it was pretty good. Italy is a fabulous country and the people are nice and friendly (in my experience). It was not too far from the French border and we had, among other trips, my first visit to Monte Carlo which was, of course, magical. I also remember a trip to Ventimiglia (twenty miles, I think that refers to the distance from the French border in Napoleon's day). Edna and I visited Ventimiglia again on our holiday in the South of France on the wonderful railway line that runs from Italy along the south coast of France.

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