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2008 Black Sea Melodies:
Canakkale is the stopover for the Gallipoli Peninsular and there is a monument in the Town, made from cannon used in the First World War battle, to commemorate the bloody battle in which the Allies were kept out by Turkish Forces under Kemal Ataturk. We didn't make a trip to the peninsular (we're not so mu
ch into full day trips nowadays) but as we sailed from Canakkale we passed the Monuments on the end of the peninsular and it was a very eerie time, being sunset, thinking of all those youngsters who lost their lives there. I wish we'd taken the tour now, perhaps next time. Canakkale is also only about 40 km from Troy, and you've all heard of that!
Anyway, the shuttle bus journey into Town was about 5 miles. Always nice to have a little journey to see a bit of the locality. Had a walk around the Town, pretty uninspiring but plenty of shops, and went to the Mil
tary Museum. Didn't have any local currency (euros not taken) but the Grounds of the Museum were free and these are impressive enough (they're set around the Fortess, see the photo below). Decided to find an exchange and got a few Turkish Lire to spend in the Museum shop and got a few sweetmeats on the way back to the shuttle.
If you go don't make the mistake we did. Go to Gallipoli.

Kilitbahir Fortress, Canakkale

Canakkale 2008

2015 Saga Sapphire Gallipoli Centenery:
The whole point of going on this cruise! The coach tour took us to Anzac Cove where they were making preparations for the actual Centenery Day. There are still traces of trenches all over the place, some of which have been renovated and look (presumably) like they did originally. There were many memorials and it was rather overwhelming. The wind was strong and it was very cold. Was it like this 100 years ago? One place that really struck a chord was known as Shrapnel Alley. What does that conjure up? It again made me realise what these lads had to go through. The last memorial we stopped at someone laid a wreath and a few words were said by a Reverend Gentleman. As we walked away a strong gust of wind took the wreath and blew it to bits. A collective gasp went up. I'm sorry this is only a precis of our trip but such a lot was crammed in and the whole thing was mind blowing. Certainly an experience that will live with me always.

Saga did rather a nice cover for the menu while we were in port as well as another one on Anzac Day.

Gallipoli menu covers on the Sapphire

On Anzac Day we were moored near Anzac Cove and had a most moving service on board.

Order of Service on the Sapphire



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