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Saw a (comparatively) cheap offer for 28 nights on the Black Watch visiting the Black Sea etc. Quite a few places we'd never been before so had to go. Went from Dover and visited Malaga, Messina (Sicily), Chios (Greece), Istanbul, Yalta (Ukraine), Odessa (Ukraine), Constanta (Romania), Canakkale (Turkey), Valetta (Malta), Porto Empedocle (Sicily), and Gibraltar.
The weather was a lot better than we could have expected. It seemed that, at most of the places we visited, it had been raining the day before we arrived and was warm and sunny while we were there! Had a short rain shower as we were approaching Malaga on the way out and about 6 spots at Gibraltar on the way back.
We were on a table for four sharing with a lovely couple called Brenda and Brian from Rainham in Kent (strangely enough, one of my Great Grandmothers was born there and we spent a few days there last year, had plenty to talk about!) Dining was a huge disappointment. No silver service, the food was just served up on a plate (reminded me of school dinners!). However, the alternative Dining (Garden Cafe, self service and a la carte) was the best we had encountered and, to be honest, we ate there on at least 14 evenings. Another minus point, breakfast was served only in the Restaurant and Garden Cafe, The Poolside bar (according to the daily sheet) would be used, weather permitting. What sort of weather will permit this!
As usual we made up a team for the quizzes, seen below on Douglas's (seated second from left) birthday. His good lady, Sue, is on his right and Edna on his left. Another team member, Brenda (looking lovely in pale blue in the background), is desperately trying to get in before the Champagne all goes (to be honest there are glasses already there for her and her husband Robert so she needn't have run). Robert preferred to be first reserve when our other lady (Betty) couldn't make it. All lovely people, and good quizzers too!

Some of the quiz team

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