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2008 Black Sea Melodies:
We were meant to be going to Georgia but, because of the Russian incursion we were (unfortunately) re-routed to Constanta. Went on a "Highlights" tour of the town, probably the worst trip we have been on. Started at the Archealogical Museum, quite interesting as it happens and probably the high spot of the tour. Walked to a Mosque and had a look in there, again interesting but not brilliant. Then walked to a Church, like the Mosque it was interesting. Got on the coach and drove around stopping at the Casino (see photo) but that's not actually open! Then we went to a Hotel for complementary coffee. Sat there for half an hour, no sign of coffee - apparently there was one waitress trying to serve about 10 coaches full! Anyway, ignoring the coffee we went for a walk in the vicinity. Tour blurb said that the trip was a "shopping opportunity". Not a lot there and what there was was shut because it was Sunday! (Two stops on this Cruise were on a Sunday, bad planning or is it cheaper to dock on a Sunday?). Had a stroll onto the beach. Not a lot to say, plenty of sand but not a lot else. Pleased to get on the coach and return to the ship. Disaster.


2014 Black Sea Odyssey:
Didn't go on a tour this time and it was a lot better. Just wandered around, they are spending a fortune (well they are in the EU now so we can guess who's paying for it!) "tarting" the place up. A lot less shabby and there are some quite nice statues and buildings etc. and the inside of the Cathedral was well worth a visit. Had a walk by the Casino this time (It was just a quick photo stop before), the above photo is 2014, and it is actually an impressive building. I'm sure the next time(?) we go it'll be quite an impressive resort.

Nice new manholes in the nice new footways!


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Constanta, Romania