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2003 Adonia.
Surprise, surprise! A queue for the shuttle bus the length of the quay. Anyway, caught it and found the open top tourist bus (€11.50 each). Nice tour of the City and then a look at Acazaber Palace which was very interesting and must have been a stunner in it's heyday. Then the Cathedral but didn't have time to look inside.
2007 QE2.
It was Wednesday 15th. August and it would appear to be a Public Holiday (for what, I don't know). Everything very festive and people dressed up in their Sunday - best, trouble is, for us, this meant that very few shops were open. So, it was on the open top bus again (€15 this time). Tour was over by 1 PM and back on board for lunch.
2008 Black Watch.
Back again! Just had a wander around this time, you can have too much of a good thing.
2009 Saga Ruby.
Easter Sunday and another Festive atmosphere but this time there was a big parade which was great. Spent the morning standing by the side of the road soaking up the atmosphere and back on board for lunch.

2014 Saga Pearl II.
A very hot day so, after catching the shuttle bus in to the city, we had a slow wander around before going back to the ship.
2016 Black Watch
We were taking a stroll along the beach when we saw the open top bus so (we hadn't been on it for several years) got on. €29 each! I know there's inflation but..... AND, the first seats we sat in the headphones didn't work. As soon as some people got off we changed seats so OK then. Having seen it all before (even though not for quite a while) it wasn't really worth it and the bus seemed to take an age at some of the bus stops with the driver chatting to other Company employees. Definitely not worth the money now, we'll stay aboard next time.

Malaga Cathedral
Entrance to the lovely Malaga Cathedral

2018 Saga Sapphire
We did say we'd stay aboard in 2016 but hadn't meant too! Edna, unfortunately, had stomach pains so went to the Doctor. Tests galore, pills given and checks the next day which resulted in the trip to Hospital (see Leixos). Still, the evening we were in Malaga was the, always brilliant, Crew Show. Enjoyed by all.


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