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2019 Saga Sapphire

Saga Sapphire in Cartagena

Late March / early April and we chose this for our anniversary calling at Leixoes (for Porto), Gibraltar, Motril, Melilla, Cartagena, Malaga and Cadiz. Sister Ann and brother in law Michael and our Saga Cruising friend Shirley Butterworth joined us. Weather was pretty good and we managed a little bit of sun bathing but it wasn't what one would call Hot!

The entertainment was led (as usual nowadays on Saga) by the resident musicians. The Perfect Mood duo (Lily and Zoltan, a Hungarian couple) who we have seen, known and loved for several years, Stuart Anderson (singer / songwriter, keyboard player and a bit of a comedian) who we've only known for 2 or 3 years but it seems longer (is that a compliment? Yes it is!) and the Lirica Piano Quartet (from Ukraine). This was the fourth cruise that we'd seen them on (and they were on the two following) but I'm still astonished at how good they are! The first time we saw them (on the Pearl) I said that they were as good as any we'd seen, they must have improved because I now can't believe that we've seen any as good!

Lirica Quartet


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