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2000/2001 Christmas in the Canaries

Had a coach tour of the City and Jerez (only 20 minutes there), what a lovely Town Jerez is - wasn't long enough to appreciate it but, of course, we had to go to the obligatory sherry tasting! Still, they also had horses at the sherry cellar which made it worth while.

2009 Wonders of the Eastern Med.

Docked at 7PM but it was our Wedding Anniversary so we didn't go ashore on the first evening (didn't want to miss the fuss we were made of at the dinner table). Local Flamenco Dancers were the evening's entertainment, very good.

Did the open top bus tour although, with the cold wind, it wasn't great fun sitting on top! Plenty of attractive buildings and monuments etc. and we went into the Cathedral. We went into the Cathedral and almost immediately came out! €5 entrance fee. I don't mind putting something in the box when I visit a Church but I do object to a set entrance fee.



2016 A Mediterranean Christmas

Christmas Eve and two reasons to enjoy our stop in Cadiz. Firstly, the locals held a Zambomba in the Town Hall Square. Alright, I didn't know either but a Zambomba is, apparently, a Flamenco Party in which there is no separation between the artists and the public. People just play music, sing and dance. It was excellent. Spent a very pleasant hour watching that and then having a short walk around the area. Secondly, Saga Pearl II was also in Port! Met up with a lady who was travelling on the Pearl and she suggested that we joined her on board for tea. Apparently in the Pearl's daily programme they were told that they could go on board the Sapphire for tea and people from the Sapphire would be on The Pearl for tea. NOTHING was said about this on the Sapphire! If we hadn't met the lady we wouldn't have known that we were allowed on board. Needless to say we went on board and met up with a few members of staff that we'd met on previous Saga cruises. Great. Ann and Michael were livid when we told them and they certainly mentioned this on the end of cruise comments (as did we, a disgraceful oversight on the part of the Sapphire's Cruise Director).

Town Hall Square

Robert (ex Waiter, now a member of the Cruise Staff) on the Pearl


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