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2012 Saga Ruby: It was a Monday and, when we visited the Tourist Information Office, we were told that most things were closed or, in the case of the "Guide Friday" (open top hop-on hop-off) bus, didn't run. Damn! One of the nicest ways of seeing the (basic) sites of a City is the Tourist Bus. Next thing, I'd left the camera in the cabin! Still, we had a wander around, went back to the ship for lunch, PICKED UP THE CAMERA and went ashore again. Lovely town but what did we see, the Tourist Bus! Another Ruby guest had told us that it was running, how is it that visiting day trippers know more than the Tourist Information Office? Never mind, it's a lovely town, steeped in history (not least of which is naval - Nelson comes to mind) and has a lovely amphitheatre (see the cruise photos). More time and an historical tour is needed here.

Saga Sapphire 2015: Our Wedding Anniversary! Went for a walk into the town but just wandered (we had people to see back on board for our celebration). Pretty chilly, it was on most of this cruise, so we were not sorry to just relax on board.

Esplanade near the Cartagena Cruise Terminal

Saga Sapphire 2018: Decided to do an organised tour to Murcia in the afternoon. It was advertised as "strenuous" by Saga so I went on my own and Edna stayed on the ship (she doesn't do "strenuous" nowadays). Anyway, there was a heat wave in England (record temperatures) - nothing like this! Going inland (without the sea breeze) it was several degrees hotter than in Cartagena. When we got on the coach to leave (at 16.10) the temperature was 42! Not to worry, I found the trip excellent and the heat not too oppressive (the Med always seems less humid than at home).



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