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2016 Christmas in the Mediterannean.

Another first time visit and we took the shuttle bus into the City and had a quick look around. Unfortunately we didn't realise how big the City was (our walking is more restricted nowadays) or how far we had to drive in to the centre (the Cruise Port is at Leixoes).

Rather interesting to see a building with two Churches in it!

We went into the one on the left (Igreja dos Carmelitos) but the other one (Igreja do Carmo) had a service going on so we didn't intrude. The side of the building was also rather attractive.

Rather disappointed to see that the War Memorial had a market stall plonked right in front of it so could not get a good look.

2018 Barcelona & the Western Med.

Decided to book an excursion (our only one of the cruise) after finding how big the City was in 2016. Unfortunately, Edna had pains in her left side and was sent to a Hospital in Leixoes for a scan. Trip cancelled. The Hospital was excellent and the scan revealed kidney stones. Not too serious but interfered with what she could do, eat and drink etc. Put a damper on the cruise back home. Still, look on the bright side, it could have happened earlier in the cruise!

2019 Flavours of the Iberian Peninsula

Didn't take a chance on booking a trip so caught the shuttle bus again which dropped us at the Park of La Cordoaria just by the attractive (if modern) Natural History Museum of Sciences Faculty.

Natural History Museum of Sciences Faculty

The Park is not unattractive with some "weird" (to our eyes) trees and a "fun"artwork of three amused chaps!

Being a lover of statues I had to take photos of these two eminent gentlemen!

Ramalho Ortigão, Portuguese writer (1836-1915) and António Ferreira Gomes (1906-1989), Bishop of Porto from 1952-1982



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