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2008 Black Sea Melodies:
Sunday, another great choice by Fred Olsen! This was a 28 day cruise making only 12 stops and 2 of these were on Sundays and one of the days we were in Istanbul the Topkapi Palace (a major reason for going) was closed. I have a suspicion that on these days it is cheaper to dock because the large Cruise Lines don't want to stop at these times. Anyway, a pleasant enough stop even though most things were shut. Not a great deal to see in the Town but we had a pleasant walk round and (as we love the Greek Islands so much) wanted to have lunch ashore. About the only place we could find open was a fast food type place on the Main Square,but we had a very pleasant lunch with ouzo and wine. We were joined by a fellow Black Watch traveller, a lady named Mary. Retired teacher I think, from Farnham way.

The Main Square in Chios


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Chios, Greece