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Civitavecchia War Memorial (note that Italy joined WW1 in 1915)

2002 Saga Rose,
Went on a full day coach trip to Rome.

2004 Saga Rose,
Went into Town on the shuttle bus. A pleasant enough place but we were not inspired.

Cathedral doors and Garibaldi

2006 Arcadia,
Went on a coach trip "A taste of Tuscia". Lovely trip through some beautiful countryside and to a place called Tuscania, a lovely old walled City. It was Sunday so there were no shops open which rather puts a damper on things but pleasant nonetheless. Then on to an old farm house where they sold wines, liquers etc. Had a taste but didn't buy anything, I always feel these stops are a bit of a con after you've paid good money to have a tour and they try to sell you things.

Tuscania - nice!

2009 QM2,
A very hot day. Went into town on the shuttle bus and walked around the market but it was so hot that we were back on board after a couple of hours.

2012 Saga Ruby,
It was a Public Holiday so we decided, as most of the shops would be closed, to stay on board.

2016 Saga Sapphire
Unfortunately Edna was under the Doctor for a chest infection so we couldn't go ashore.


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