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2006 Saga Ruby
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A lovely sunny day. Did our 7 laps around the deck (one mile) and lunch was served from 11AM because of our late arrival and the trips, which left at 12.30, 1.15 and 1.45. Ours was the Copenhagen City Tour and Harbour Cruise. We were on the same trip as Marie and Bill (Jones, our Smith and Jones table companions) and first stop was, of course, the Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid (of course). It took a long time to get a photo without people about!

Our guide told us that, because cars are so expensive, there are thousands of bikes. Some people have two bikes, one they cycle to the station, catch the train to the station near there place of work and then get on their second bike to go to work! There is even a system where you can hire a bike (money in the slot) and leave it at another bike hire area and get your money back. How cool is that! (Yes, it was cool in 2006. Introduced in London in 2010). The 50 minute Harbour and Canal cruise was great. Saw lots of nice house boats, the new Library, the new Opera House as well as as Palaces and Churches. After the cruise we had a 15-20 minute stop in the Palace Square.
Back on board with 15 minutes to spare before departure. We arranged to meet Marie and Bill in Reception at about 7 to show them our cabin before we went to the View Restaurant (The programme tells us that it is fully booked for the rest of the cruise). They were impressed with the cabin (238) which they said was twice the size of theirs (and probably twice the price!). To the View (which only caters for about 30 diners) - a dream.

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