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2000 Saga Rose. At least it was hot, if a little cloudy. A surfeit of beggars but I suppose they don't have too many ways to scratch a living. Interesting but not the sort of place to wander around on your own I should think. Went to an excellent Craft Market where Edna did a bit of bargaining for some local handbags. Believe me, they know what a $US is worth! One thing that did surprise us, In Egypt we found the stall owners pushy but none of them manhandled you. Here they thought nothing of trying to "persuade" you physically to visit their stall. Didn't like that. I've put Banjul on this page as well, because we didn't get there! Apparently there is a shallow sand bank the Saga Rose would have had to go over and, with the rough seas, it was unsafe to do so. So, missed a day and onto the Canaries.

Craft Market, DakarDakar