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1981 Greek Islands Mini Cruise

Minibus trip to Ephesus which was fantastic but, again, we needed more time. Saw a pillar from the Temple of Diana (which is all that's left) but it was in the distance. No time!

2007 QEII

Up early for a trip past Ephesus (couldn't see much) to a town called Selçuk where we visited the Museum and were shown the Ephesian artefacts. Only had about 20 minutes to look around the town but that was enough time for Edna to buy two bags! (to be honest she couldn't decide which to have and I said buy both). Next to a lovely hotel, overlooking the bay, for refreshments. Cold drink and something like samosas. Edna managed to put away three (hers, mine and a "spare"). As I've said elsewhere, she hates waste! Next into Kusadasi and (the inevitable) carpet shop. We didn't bother with the spiel, just tipped the guide (Aici?), had a quick look around the shop and wandered back to the ship (buying a couple of bottles on the way). We don't stay in Turkish shops too long as we find the sellers a bit "pushy". Had a wander out in the afternoon (just to buy some cola, it was 90+F. so a bit too warm to go far)

The nearest we got to Ephesus in 2007 and the Peace Monument in Kusadasi

Rather a comical event in the evening. A group of people were doing the crossword and struggling with "Hardy's Gabriel". They'd obviously got oak from other letters they had but didn't know if it was right. Edna said, "Yes, that's right. Thomas Hardy's Gabriel Oak from "Far from the madding crowd"". They had assumed it was Hardy from Laurel and Hardy!

Saga Ruby 2012 : See the photos

Just wandered ashore and wished we hadn't! I'm sure we're not invisible but people walking everywhere didn't seem to see us and we got fed up with dodging the rushing Turks. Didn't feel welcome. Ah, well. If they don't want us to spend any money in their town! Back on board pretty quickly.


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