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1989, 2002, 2003 Adonia and 2009 Saga Ruby Cruises..

1989: Travelled out on Friday the 13th., perhaps that's why the plane was only half full! Had a fortnight at the Churchill Hotel (now the Holiday Inn), quite expensive but very tasteful and nice gardens with plenty of places to sit in peace. Cyprus is a wonderful island (although we only visited the Greek part), full of history, wonderful sights lovely climate (this was October) and friendly people. We were surprised to find that the Hotel provided complimentary (local) coach trips as well as one to their sister hotel in the Troodos Mountains (this cost £14 Cypriot each but did include lunch and a good tour - shame about the fog!). We stayed on a b & b basis but there were plenty of eating places within a reasonable distance AND, when we bought a bottle of wine with dinner, we got a second bottle free! Once or twice this was not a good thing! While in Cyprus we took the chance to go on a mini cruise to the Holy Land and Egypt. Tiring but great.

2002: This time a cheapie - two weeks half board and a third b & b in the Roussos Beach Hotel. Considering the price it was a lot better than we expected. Not as near the Old Town (in the Tourist Area) but a bus stopped nearby so no problem. We didn't always have the dinner provided (we do prefer to eat out) as there were plenty of eating places nearby (Ksoporti was a very reasonable one we ate in more than once). Lunch was taken care of by finding a bakery called "Fat Man", wonderful bread and baklava! Went on more trips than we did in '89, Nicosia, Island Tour and Paphos (well I did, Edna was ill on the day in question). A cheap holiday, however, changed when we saw a trip to Jordan advertised, almost cost as much as the initial holiday.

2003: Caught the shuttle bus to the Town and then just walked along to the Tourist Area. Lunch in the Old Fox and then the local bus back.

2009: Overnight in Limassol. No shuttle bus but we were told there would be taxis - none so we walked for an hour before we found a restaurant to have dinner in. On the way back (10 pm) we met some waiters from the ship (including ours, Ronald) who were just going out for their dinner. We directed them to where we had just eaten very nice with some local live music. Next day was St. George's day - we could tell because the Saga Ruby had a French lunch and a Continental dinner (how could they?).

Churchill Hotel, 1989Churchill Hotel Swimming Pool, 1989

Churchill Hotel 1989

Amathus Agora - Limassol 2001Ksoporto Restaurant - Limassol 2001Roussos Beach Hotel - Limassol 2001

Amathus Agora, Ksporto Restaurant and Roussos Beach Hotel



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