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On our holiday in the South of France in 1991 we caught a train from Villefranche to Nice to have a meal one evening. Had a nice meal and a wander along the Boulevard des Anglais but didn't see too much. Nice (no pun intended) to go back on the.......

2016 Black Watch
The rain was torrential! The main reason for calling at Nice on this cruise was for the Monaco Grand Prix (not for us, I might add, at £649 per ticket!) All those "lucky" people who had booked their tickets headed off in the pouring rain (actually, everyone who we spoke to who went there loved it) and we stayed on board. Our plan had been to do the "little train" or the open top bus but this looked highly unlikely. However, it eased up in the afternoon and I took a chance (Edna didn't) and wandered ashore. Glad I did, what a lovely place! Didn't go to the Boulevard des Anglais but had a pleasant (I nearly typed nice again) walk to the Sun Fountain and took a few photos:

Of course, EURO 2016 is in France shortly

General Massena (one of the original Marshalls of France)

Massena Square

Sun Fountain

Not easy to take a picture of this. Apart from the other photographers there was one divvy female sitting there using her mobile phone. When she moved she stood next to another lady who was trying to have her picture taken. After being shooed away (she seemed surprised) she moved a few metres but still in the way of people taking photos. I know it's a public place but surely they can have sympathy with people who may only be there once in a lifetime.

Luckily I only took two photos with the phone fanatic in although I had to wait and wait to get a decent picture


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