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2006 Saga Ruby
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Oslo Royal Palace from afar

Our last stop and we awoke to heavy cloud and rain! We were rather disappointed with Oslo as it seemed almost new and, being Sunday, all the shops were shut so we couldn't even buy postcards.. Obviously we had some good stops but we had hoped to visit Vigeland Park, the largest sculpture park (by one artist) in the world. It would have been good to see but we really wanted to see the one of Sonia Heine (Norwegian figure skater / film star) just up the road from the park. Unfortunately not. Actually the highlight of the trip was Holmenkollen where we saw the famous ski jump. I've just seen on Wikipedia (so it must be true!) that the jump was rebuilt between 2008 and 2010 so when I'm watching biathlon on the telly the jump I see in the background is not the one we saw in 2006! Before we got back to the ship we went to another vantage point where, apparently, Munch got his inspiration for "The Scream" (don't know whether that's a positive or negative thing!) and there was a marvellous grafitti style painting of it on the end of a house. Got back to the ship in time for lunch. Intended to go back on the shuttle bus but the weather was very iffy and Sonia Henie was quite a trek once we got ashore.

As we went through to lunch the Cruise Director, Jane Edwards, was sitting in the ballroom so I approached her and said, "I'm going to upset you! I shall never forget your name as it's the same as my Grandmother." She said, "As long as you love me as much as you loved her". Me, "Can I call you Granny?", she, "As you've asked so nicely!". Whatever happened to Cruise Director Jane Edwards? I don't remember having her on another cruise since.

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