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Katherine Laverne Starks
Born 21st. July 1922 - Dougherty, Oklahoma, US
Died 3rd. November 2016 - Beverly Hills, California, US

Wikipedia page for Kay

My mum was a great fan of Kay and I remember "Wheel of Fortune" being played when I was a kid. Actually I loved it! When the era of the cd arrived I bought one of Kay's (making sure that Wheel of Fortune was on it) and she did not, of the tracks that I heard, make a bad one. She was, apparently, 75% American Indian and 25% Irish (a volatile combination?).

Apart from WOF I have added sound bites from a couple of tracks for particular reasons. "So Tired" is a great favourite of Edna's (by Russ Morgan actually) and "Crazy" (written by Willie Nelson, who we are great fans of, was one of the greatest recordings by Patsy Cline).

Kay Starr