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2006 Saga Ruby
I see that we had breakfast on deck, back to the cabin to clean teeth, Edna wrote up her journal and then we did a mile walk around the deck and this was all before going on the coach tour which left at 9.45. Wouldn't do it now! An excellent courier (Anneka), born and bred in Stockholm but lived for 27 years in the USA. Had a comprehensive tour with several photo stops but only took a couple including one of a statue who Anneka said was Ebert Taub (1890-1976) a poet and songwriter who is well known in Sweden (but nowhere else?). Saga's CEO came on board and held a cocktail party the next day to which I wore my Teddy Boy drape. When shaking hands the CEO (Andrew) exclaimed "What's this we have here then!". It usually causes a reaction!

Ebert Taub

2017 Saga Sapphire
Caught the shuttle bus into Town (dropped by the Opera) and walked over to the Old Town (Gamla Stan), via the House of Parliament, and had a good look around (much too much for Edna's liking). Lovely City (but aren't all European Capitals?).

House of Parliament

Entrance to the Royal Palace

Royal Palace

Street "Orchestra" in Stockholm

Gustav III and Gustavus Adolphus

Arbalester - Memorial to Engelbrekt's war against the Danish Kings in the 15th. Century


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