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2009 Wonders of the Eastern Med.

You can read my initial concerns about visiting Libya on the Benghazi page. As this was our first Port of call in Libya we decided to go on the City Tour (to be honest, the organised tours in Libya were, comparatively, twice as expensive as the other Ports on this Cruise and we were a bit peeved, especially as we weren't allowed to just stroll ashore). First stop on the tour was the Museum, excellent and roomy but the tour of this was a bit too long (we were in there for over 2 hours and it should, apparently, have been an hour and a half). It was a bit strange seeing a jeep and a car (VW Beetle) that belonged to Gaddafi when he came to power in 1969! Next the shopping (see picture below). Luckily all that gold and jewellery does nothing for Edna (I'd keep away if it did) but it's always interesting to see a new lot of shops! Next, to an Anglican Church, pretty tatty to be honest but who's to pay for it's upkeep? Then to a Mosque, which is always worth seeing and so, back on the coach. We said "Shokram" (thankyou in Arabic - made a nice change, we're more used to saying "Shokram La", "No Thankyou" in Egypt) to the guide (Mohammed) and he really seemed touched that we'd bothered! When on the coach Adam (the Saga guide) told everyone the word for thankyou and we all had to say it (sorry Adam, we beat you).
Back on board for a Thai lunch (well done Saga, I'd have never thought of that!).

Tripoli shopping Street

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