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2017 Saga Sapphire
Were given a very pleasant welcome to Turku. It's nice when people take the trouble

Went in on the shuttle bus seeing a few tall ships on the way. The bus stopped at the Castle (which was, apparently, the best stop to see the tall ships by)

Turku Castle taken from the ship (with a few tall ships behind)

but we went to the next stop so that we could walk to the Cathedral. Pleasant wander around but, as we get older, walking any distance is becoming more of a problem (especially for Edna) so we didn't do too much - we'd done quite a lot in Stockholm yesterday.

Per Brahe (Governor-General of Finland) and Turku Cathedral

Per Brahe and Cathedral

The walk back to the bus was alongside a very pleasant river (the Aura) which had some rather curious "statues" floating in it.

Statues(?) on the River Aura

We stayed overnight in Turku because the Tall Ships Race was leaving here the next day and we were going to head the procession out!

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