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2006 Saga Ruby
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The Lighthouse

Didn't know what to expect here so took the train to Rostock (we'd heard of that!), only 6 miles. A fair walk from Rostock Station to the centre of Town but well worth it. a lovely old Town Hall, the University and lots of Churches (I'd worn my shorts so, as usual, couldn't go in any of them). Then we found the shops! Shoe shop after shoe shop! Have you noticed how, when you find several shops like these, the wife always "needs" whatever they are selling! Edna did. Bought a pair of sandals and a pair of loafers, admittedly only about €30 the two but "what a surprise"! Walked back to the Station through some nice Gardens and caught the 13.01 back to Warnemunde. Lunch on the ship and a walk into Warnemunde (we were docked near the town centre). A road train (I've said before, we love those) gave us a 30 minute ride, much further than we would have walked. Attractive houses, woods with footpaths and, when we got off the train, we walked to the beach. Fine white sand which goes on forever. A lovely, lovely town. Also, more shoe stalls so Edna had to buy a pair of slippers! Lovely stop, lovely day.

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