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Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca 1992

1992, 2000 Saga Rose , 2006 Arcadia , 2013 Saga Ruby and 2015 Magellan Cruises. Stayed in a Wimpey timeshare (Las Brisas) at Playa Blanca (a lovely little Village, will it be the same now?). Excellent! The accommodation was in bungalows with own gardens, including barbecue (which we never used). Weather was fabulous and the trips were what I expected (I wanted to go to Lanzarote for the moon like landscape). Highly recommended. Went back in 2000, on the Christmas Cruise. Weather was better than just about any other day on that trip. Just wandered about but nice to go back. Also went on the Arcadia in 2006. just wandered again. 2013, walked around Arrecife. Not inspiring. We loved our holidays on Lanzarotte but, if you only visit on a cruise, you need to do a coach trip or two. In 2015 we, again, wandered around Arrecife but, perhaps because we were both knackered, we marked this stop as the least enjoyable on our Magellan Cruise.

2007. Because of our £150 voucher from Cosmos following the Russian River Cruise we decided to take a two week cheapie in early November. Stayed at the Sun Park (Playa Blanca again). The accommodation was a pretty good one bedroom apartment (good size) with a reasonable balcony overlooking the grounds. Not quite Las Brisas but excellent value for money. Playa Blanca has changed! It's now a much more bustling resort and is obviously a favourite with families, we've never seen so many buggies! Quietish (it was off season) but not really recommended now for we oldies. Did the Island tour again (without the camel ride this time) and had a trip into Puerto del Carmen. This looks a much better bet to stay at now. The restaurants have been there a lot longer than the ones in Playa Blanca and seem to have more of a "feel" about them. Also went to the Sunday Market in the old Capital (Teguise), huge and well worth a visit. Mind you, we were in the thick of it at 11am on 11th. November and felt a bit out of place standing silently (we only did one minute) with the crowds charging around us.


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