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2001. Saga Rose. The sea was so rough when we arrived at Madeira that our trip was cancelled and we couldn't get ashore. We lost an anchor and were drifting on one anchor for the day. It was New Year's eve (we're doing our impersonations of newts in the photo below) and Madeira has a fabulous firework display which we watched from the deck. Still, a great time was had by all. This was our last scheduled stop so it was homeward bound but, due to the force 11 we encountered, a lady broke her collar bone and we had to divert to Lisbon. The sea was too rough for us to land so the lady had to be airlifted to hospital by Helicopter. The end of an eventful holiday!

2006. Arcadia. Managed to get ashore this time! Smashing. Did the open top Bus Tour, caught the cable car up and came down in a toboggan. If you do this trip do NOT walk back to Town. They did warn us, it's about 5 kilometres down a very steep decline.

2013. Saga Ruby. Didn't arrive until 1 pm so just had a wander around and then caught the open top bus for a tour around the Town.

2015 Magellan. Although we were late landing (Funchal was very busy with Cruise Liners including two of Fred Olsen's) we had a fair amount of time to have a good look around the Town and shops therein. What a lovely town it is, would be well worth a few days (so much to do, so little time AND we don't like flying too much nowadays). Weather was like the Town, gorgeous.

Doing our impersonation of newts on New Year's Eve
Doing our impressions of newts on New Year's Eve 2000!

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